Discover our cobot Ned2, a 6-Axis Robot Arm

Engage your students with cutting-edge technology: our 6-axis educational Robot.


We have developed an easy-to-use educational solution for teaching from K6 to K12, community colleges and universities.


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classroom pack ned2

Inspire students with our pedagogical tool

Niryo offers an educative solution for everyone who wants to teach or learn through robotics.



Already present in numerous schools around the world, our pedagogical solution enables the future talents of tomorrow to learn the future challenges of Industry 4.0, thanks to equipment that can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

6 axis robot with variety of learning applications.

Learn Programming

Ned2 supports both Blockly and Python programming languages.

Explore Robotics

Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry, MicroBit boards, and much more

Discover AI

Niryo integrates vision tools with its Ned2.

Work On Simulation

A short description of the benefit.

3D Simulation

You can create a 3D simulation of the robot.

Machine learning

Our robot lets you perform a wide range of machine learning exercises.


We offer a wide range of training courses in various fields, including electronics.


Explore and learn about concepts such as automation through our hands-on activities.


Academy and project based learnings

In these bundles, Niryo integrates learning projects which, through a variety of scenarios, enable the practical application of theoretical subjects covered in class.

It’s easy for a teacher to build his or her practical work around these training needs through our hands-on learning projects.

Schools that already use our robots

Different uses for maximum learning.

Client Testimonials

Ned2 provide a rewarding experience for student. It allows them to have a better understanding and utilisation of collaborative robots.
Imed Nasri, PhD automatic engineer / industrial IT
Digital transformation interests us from a business point of view, but it is also important to us in the field of professional training because it raises awareness of lean methods (…) We take advantage of the intelligence of the robot ecosystem.
Marcel Häßler Quality and Industrialization Manager
Our engineering school has chosen to invest in 20 Niryo robots in order to allow each apprentice to program his own. They are used for different lessons such as mechanics, mathematics, programming of embedded systems, and of course robotics. Our purchase has allowed, after only one year of use, to train more than 100 apprentices!
Hakim Latrache Head of the Embedded Electronics Systems Section

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