How to start developing on Niryo One with ROS ?

First you need to know that the Niryo One ROS stack is running in the background. If you develop with ROS you might want to stop the current process, and re-launch it after you made some modifications.

To stop the current Niryo One ROS stack (admin password is “robotics” by default) :

  •  sudo systemctl stop niryo_one.service

The ROS packages are located in ~/catkin_ws/src

If you make some modifications (other than Python script files), you will need to execute “catkin_make -j2 -l2” in ~catkin_ws (don’t forget -j2, the Raspberry Pi sometimes crashes with catkin_make when using all cores).

Then if you want to launch the Niryo One ROS stack (not in background) and see all the logs, just type :

roslaunch niryo_one_bringup rpi_setup.launch

Note that 3D simulation tools for Niryo One are not available on the Raspberry Pi 3.