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Edouard Renard
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Thanks for the detailed feedback ! This will help us to provide a better product and service, and I’m sure many Niryo Makers will also be glad to find some answers here.

So, let’s get started :)

1. fan in base is very noisy

It’s normal that the base fan makes some noise when “learning mode” is turned off (so the motors are activated). In some previous video (before end of 2017), we didn’t have this fan in the base, so it explains why you can’t notice the difference.

One advice for the fan base : make sure that it is properly fixed. If not 100% correctly fixed, the noise can be higher. Also, if the fan is still on when you deactivated the motors (–> so when you activated the learning mode), there is a problem on the microSD card and you need to update the Niryo RPi image to latest version.

2. “gear grinding” during calibration

Axis 1-4 needs to be calibrated, because we use stepper motors with multiple rotations (due to gear ratio with belt). Basically, the way we calibrate a motor is to make it go to the high limit of the axis, and check when stepper the motor starts to miss some steps. Don’t worry though, forcing a little bit on a stepper motor like we use, to make it miss steps, will not damage it at all.

3. lurching (non-smooth) movement on some axises

During calibration, the move commands are more basics so the robot can seem to move a little bit “abruptly”. For normal move commands, at the end of each command, the stepper motors will sometimes make a very small move (less than 1 degree) to keep up with the calibration.

Also, you may encounter cases when the acceleration of a trajectory is not linear (the robot will accelerate, decelerate multiple times in one trajectory). This is a bug in the ROS framework, and it seems that it will be fixed soon !

4. When you power off the robot, the motors will be deactivated before the Raspberry Pi 3 shuts down. So you need to keep one hand on the button, and another hand on the gripper so it will not fall. We may fix that in in a previous version (the robot will first move to “home” position, then deactivate the motors).

5. For now you can only give a open/close command to a gripper, along with a speed. The gripper will automatically adjust its torque when the object is detected. For now we don’t plan to add a functionality to partially open or close a gripper (but yes, you could do it by yourself, as all the code to modify is open source). Could you give an example when you would need this functionality ?

6. double calibration necessary to issue commands without receiving errors

We already got this feedback from another user, and are working on fixing this bug.

7. no XL to male in-line pin 3-conductor cable

It seems that you are missing one wire to connect the Axis 6 motor (Dynamixel) to the gripper. This was a problem in the previous sent batch. We’ll contact you directly by email to solve this issue.

8. is it ok to “hot attach” gripper tool connections?

Yes, you can plug/unplug the tools at any moment without any problem.

One more precision concerning the digital I/Os panel : pay attention not to connect an input sensor (such as a button) to a pin previously set as output. (this doesn’t apply to tools, which are all output actuators)

9. earlier Niryo One videos show tools not included in the kit

After some more tests since the Kickstarter campaign (April, 2017), we decided to remove the drill and the pen holder. Niryo One is not precise enough to drill or right with a pen. The difficulty is not to go from point A to point B, but to keep a specified trajectory between 2 points. Also, the drill is a too dangerous tool for Niryo One, we removed it for safety concerns.

The 3 grippers have been modified since last year. We improved the design a lot, added some bearings to reduce the friction, and change the motors from standard hobby servos to Dynamixel servos. The gripper you saw on the video (at 0:49) is the previous version of Gripper 2.

Every Niryo One comes with a Gripper 1. Gripper 2 and Gripper 3 are available in the additional Tool Set. (for now there are not so much information about that on our website, but we’ll update it soon with a new online store, more visuals and explanations).

I hope this answers most of your questions, and feel free to ask more questions/continue the discussion :)