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Thank you for your feedback and ideas.

I will think about combining the 4 sequences that make up this demo into a single sequence. One of the reasons that I did not initially is that in order to make minor changes and correct for slight differences in positioning of the arm for pickup and dropping of the objects, it was a lot easier to deal with separate sequences.

Another issue is that Niryo One Studio lacks copy and paste functionality. I have found that I can copy and paste individual commands, but am not able to select multiple commands within a sequence to copy. Sometime moving commands in a sequence can also be a bit challenging.

I think that I should be able to combine each of the current 4 sequences by selecting each of the individuals on the Sequences tab and selecting “Open Sequence in Niryo Blocks”.

I have a number of questions and observations based on my initial experiences with Niryo One Studio. For the time being I will post separately in the “How To” section of the forum three questions that concern your idea of combining the four sequences in this demo into a single sequence.

I would very much appreciate some additional advice and answers to these questions.