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Edouard Renard
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FIXED Niryo_one Studio Sequence Move Pose sets Y&Z from Z parameter
Found error in niryo_one_commander/scripts/
def set_pose_target(self, x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw):

Should be

Thanks for noticing that ! The error was included in a recent PR. This has now been fixed.

Regarding Always dropping first trajectory point I found this article
joint_trajectory_controller – Always dropping first trajectory point #291

What is the best practices solution here?

As someone in the discussion pointed, this behavior is due to time_from_start which is 0. (in practice, this results in a higher acceleration at the beginning of a trajectory, because the controller is trying to catch up. However, the controller will always go smoothly and you won’t see abrupt movements)

A solution I see could be to add a first point in the trajectory + adding a time offset to all other points, before sending the trajectory to the joint trajectory controller. I might look into that if I have some time. Also, feel free to contribute with a Pull Request if you find something useful !

Also, the code you see now on the niryo_one_ros github will be packaged and released as a V2.0 software, in a few weeks. When it is ready, the README and documentation will be fully updated :)