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Thank you for your response and further suggestions.

My Niryo One is now caught in an infinite loop trying to recalibrate. It it unable to successfully calibrate itself using either the automatic process or through the manual “Set offset by hand” process using Niryo One Studio.

This video shows what happens after I power up and press the button on top of the base to initiate calibration.

As you can see in the video, the robot sits for a while after attempting calibration (the period it sits inactive with the fans running after each calibration attempt seems a bit longer than after a successful calibration). The robot attempts calibration again repeatedly.

In the video above, I press the button on the base again for several seconds until the light on the back of the base turns purple, then I wait until the red on the back switches to red (I was able to confirm that it switched to red).

Would you please offer some advice about diagnosing why this is happening and correcting the problem. At this point, I am unable to make further demos of the robot.

The behavior is the same using Niryo One Studio to initiate the calibration. There are no errors shown in the Application Logs pane (just a cRaspberry Pi Temperature currently shows as 55 degrees C; there are no other messages of consequence either in the Application Logs or Hardware Status panes when attempting calibration from Niryo One Studio instead of using the button on top of the base.

Here is a screen shot of the Application Logs pane after attempting to calibrate the robot both using the button on top of the base and separately after a power down and power up using Niryo One Studio:

I would very much appreciate your assistance.