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Hello Niryo community,

Forgive my much belated post on this thread to report that I was able to get my robot working once again and to try to provide a synopsis of what was wrong and what needed to be fixed.

I hope that Edouard or someone else at Niryo will also add further comments if I have missed anything or my understanding is incorrect.

Marc and Edouard took a look at the video that I posted earlier in this thread and quickly determined that the problem was related to Axis 3. To quote from Edouard’s email on July 4: “30 s : the calibration of axis 3 starts at 0:29 and is stopped at 0:59, which means timeout).”

I took apart the Arm Top and the gear train associated with Axis 3 by following the YouTube videos associated with the Assembly Manual. Essentially the fix was to re-tension the belt.

Edouard and the team in France were very helpful in giving me hints and ideas how to overcome the obstacles that I encountered. The fix for my robot involved a bit more work because I have one of the early robots that was assembled by the team in France in before April, so there were some production issues that Edouard told me they have since resolved in the robots that they have started shipping in August.

For reference to some of these issues, please refer to the separate post that I made in this section of the forum titled “plastic shavings under shoulder and motor for joint 2”.

It appears that the tension on the belts for both Axis 2 and Axis 3 were disturbed during shipment, so I would recommend that those of you who have received assembled robots (or anyone who reships the robot or takes it for a short car ride somewhere) be sure to check the tension of these belts and review the YouTube videos related to the Assembly Manual if you experience any periodic issues related to calibration.

Good luck with your robotic adventures and I look forward to seeing what the rest of you create using the Niryo One.

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