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Edouard Renard
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We have indeed added a camera for some of the Kickstarter rewards. You can find the camera on the Internet, the name of camera is jevois. We found this is a great small and accessible camera to use with Niryo One. As I’m writing, we haven’t finished yet the programming binding with Niryo One, but this should come for 2019. However they have a really great documentation on how to use the jevois camera, if you are ready to get your hands a little bit dirty.

To communicate with Niryo One from labview, yes you could use the Modbus/TCP server!

If you want to write a Python program into a file and execute it, then don’t bother using the Modbus server and use directly the Niryo One Python API :)

Also (next level), if you’re willing to learn how to use ROS, you can use the ROS multi-machines functionality.

You can also use the roslibjs (Javascript) or rosjava (Java) library to communicate directly through the ROS communication tools, without having to work on a ROS environment direclty.

I recommend you read this documentation page so you’ll get more info about everything I talked about here!

Hope this helps!