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Edouard Renard
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I’ve made the test by using XL-430 motors only, without plugin anything on them, and can confirm the 0.015 radian precision.

The issue happens when motors are used with the robot, as additional load is applied on them.

Nice observation with the Moving Treshold (24). However, from what i understand, it will only set the Moving (122) to 1 or 0, and this value is just used by the user. This is not something used by the motor itself.

We are planning to work soon on the internal PID of the motor to see if we can maybe improve it for Niryo One. Getting the same precision as the motor itself with no load would be great.

The Dynamixel parameters you speak about are not currently set from the Niryo One program on RPi. If you want to change them by yourself, you have 2 choices:

– use a device like USB2Dynamixel and connect the motors to your computer

– or improve and use the Dxl driver we created on the Raspberry Pi (here)