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I am having a similar issue with motor connection errors on joints 4 and 5.  I just completed the assembly process last night (was missing a couple parts that were quickly shipped to me), and upon powering up and connecting to the local hotspot it reported a motor connection problem and the following error “Missing Dynamixel motor(s) on the robot : Servo Axis 4, Servo Axis 5”. I do not see any status or indicator lights on the XL430 servos.

I checked the connections at the controller board, harness plug connector and servo connections but did not see any obvious issues. I will need to try some continuity checks next. Maybe there are some wiring harness reliability issues with the new v2 kits.

Any guidance or help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Update: it appears that my issues are related to the 6 pin black harness connector (female side) between the shoulder and elbow.  The pin sockets to not appear to be holding in place and have slid back slightly into the connector.  As a result, the connections are intermittent. I was able to check servo 4 and servo 5 by connecting directly to the controller board with separate cable and they were detected.

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