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Edouard Renard
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First of all, we have removed the drill and pen holder due to the lack of precision of the robot for drilling and drawing tasks + security issues with the drill (we didn’t want to take the risk that someone would be hurt).

However, if you want to do drilling or drawing tasks (which are basically the same from a programming point of view), it’s still possible. You can create your own tool handler to plug on the tool adapter (you can find the mechanical specs on our website). For the drill, you can take a 12V DC motor, plug it to SW1 or SW2 at the back of the robot, and power it ON and OFF with the digital pin panel (or using the SW functionality in Blockly)

For the trajectories: we only handle point to point movement without constraint on trajectory, in Niryo One Studio. However, in the code we have also implemented a functionality to save and replay trajectories (here on github). So you can create your own trajectory with whatever constraints you want, save them, and replay them.