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Edouard Renard
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Congrats on printing the robot, it looks really nice on black and white!

Actually this issue has been fixed (you can find it on our github, but it’s not been released yet on new SD cards).

Currently the torque on axis 2 is disabled in the middle of calibration, which should be fine, but can also be a problem if the torsion spring is a little bit strong, like in your case.

Now, for calibrations, we keep axis 2 (and also axis 1) with torque ON during all the calibration, so you won’t have this problem anymore.

What you can simply do is :

– connect to the robot via ssh (tutorial here)

– Execute the following commands: (make sure the robot is connected to a Wifi network and is not in hotspot mode –> LED should be green)

sudo systemctl stop niryo_one_ros.service

cd ~/catkin_ws/src

git pull origin master

cd ~/catkin_ws

catkin_make -j2

sudo reboot

And that’s it!


For the manual calibration, you actually don’t need the arrow, you just need to approximately align the axis:

– axis 1 should be centered

– axis 2 should have a 90° angle with the horizontal plane

– axis 3 should be at the maximum position (down)