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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, for not being super clear. The time delay referred here time taken by joint for angular displacement and the python API returns after that.

Is it limited by maximum RPM of motor for the load attached or there is scope of improvement for software control? mentions 61 RPM at no load.

For ex.

I am using move_joints for joint movement, and moving joint ‘3’ by 2-2.5 rad and the ‘delay’ observed is 2-4 sec.

start =
end =
delay = millis_interval(start,end)

For a real time control, I am looking for delay in order of max. 100 milliseconds for angular displacement of 0.5-1 rad.

Maximum velocity is set to 100% for this. Is there possibility to increase the maximum velocity as well? Quickly going through the source didnt provided much insight (considering I am not familiar with ROS),