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Edouard Renard
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Thanks for the explanations, that’s now very clear.

Actually the velocity is limited by the Moveit! library we are using for motion planning. This library will produce a trajectory and send this trajectory to the controller. Some limits are applied to the trajectory, so that’s where the limitation is, not on the motor/hardware level.

The anchor link you provided here (to the file) is an additional functionality that can reduce the limits previously set. Default is 100%, so you can only reduce max velocity, not increase it. (hence, not useful for what you want to do)

If you want to change the parameters used by Moveit! for the max velocity and max acceleration (note: “max” and not “average”), you’ll need to edit this file.

The current max velocity is 2.0 rad.s-1 , and the acceleration limit is deactivated, so Moveit! will use default 1.0 rad.s-2.

If you want to increase the global velocity you’ll mostly have to increase the acceleration limit. Before you do that, note that increasing the acceleration limit might cause some stepper motors to “drift” on the belt, and it can be quite an overload for the Dynamixel motors. So you do that at your own risks.

I hope this helps!