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Edouard Renard
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We have created a small guide to give you more info if you want to start with Niryo One and ROS, I encourage you to read it first.

Also, after you learn a little bit about ROS, you might want to check out the Moveit! library and especially the Move Group class (tuto here).

For your questions:

  • In fact it’s both. A trajectory is a list of points to reach. For each point you get the rotation for each axis. And of course, the points are computed so the movement of the TCP (Tool Center Point) will follow a predefined path (if any). Then, the controller (low level) will interpolate through those points and will make sure the hardware (motors) is following.
  • There is already an IK solver included in Moveit that you can use. You can either: use some Moveit functionalities, like cartesian path, or create your own path and use the IK solver for each intermediate point of the path.
  • For now we don’t have plan to add more complex trajectory options in Niryo One Studio. This will be something that you have to do using the ROS functionalities (and Moveit)


Feel free to share your progress with the Niryo community ! :)