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Hello again everyone!

Here is a video about my final push to get the v2.0 robot working:

Thank you, @BCanMan, for your encouragement and for sharing your experience. Your comments helped me to take the necessary steps to get the robot working. Thank you also to Mark-Henri and Edouard at Niryo for your prompt and courteous support.

In terms of the missing parts and experience with Niryo shipping out what was missing, it sounds like we had identical experiences. In the case of my robot, one of the wires in the 4-pin Molex connector that is inside the aluminum tube between the Shoulder and the Elbow had come out of the pin.

I did some searches on google and YouTube and tried various suggested ways of getting the pin out so I could reconnect the wire to no avail. Rather than go down the path of investing in a proper depinning tool and other Molex parts for replacement, I decided to make a more expedient temporary fix by running a new wire from the JST connector on the Axis 3 stepper motor housing to the wire that had come undone.

I hope to make a more permanent solution in the future since my temporary fix means that it is not as easy to detach the Shoulder and Elbow for disassembly and repair which is one of the beauties of the work that Niryo did in the upgrade between the v1.x and v2.0 robots (the v1.x robots, I believe, had a single wire harness without the Molex connectors.

I certainly welcome comments, questions and ideas from everyone.