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Edouard Renard
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This kind of error is something we haven’t fixed yet, and might be caused by many different factors, such as:

– hardware or mechanical parts not following fast enough

– the Moveit! library itself (no secret here: ROS, actionlib, and Moveit! are not really “stable” yet)

– computation power of Raspberry Pi 3, may cause some delays in the actionlib library that leads to this error

I know that’s rather vague, but that’s a problem that is mostly happening within ROS (with low computation power).

To give you more info: Moveit! will create a ROS Action client to send a goal (the trajectory) to the controller (which has a ROS Action server). ROS Actions are asynchronous and there is a callback mechanism (with topics) that allows the client to know what’s happening for the goal.

So, if the client sends a goal A to the server, then decides to forget about it, and sends a goal B, the server might still send some data to the client for goal A. Hence, the client receives something that it does not know.

Well, in fact when writing this I got an idea: could you try to add a small delay between each “move_…” command ? Something like 0.1-0.2 second. If I’m correct about the previous statement this could fix it. (and please tell me if I was wrong about it)