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Edouard Renard
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Hi @norman974,

I’ll answer in English so more people can benefit from it :)

Your correctly understood the purpose of Niryo One: learning and teaching.

Now, if you want to setup an industrial process for real production, then Niryo One is not what you need.

The robot is perfect if you want to reproduce industrial use cases, for learning purposes, or for prototyping a small assembly line before you invest in a more expensive production-ready solution.

You can find the technical specs here.


the first constraint is to study an object that could be used in industry.

Niryo One is a 6 axis robotic arm with basically the same core functionality as a standard industrial robotic arm. If you need to use it in a real industrial environment with harsh constraints, the robot is not what you need, but if you just need to work on concepts, demos, and prototypes, it’s perfect for you.

I hope this helps!