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Hi there!

I tried to assemble the robot for the first time a couple of days. To me, the hardest part was actually finding the mechanical parts. The 3d printing aspect of the process is quite straight forward once you get your printer setup properly.

As far as it concerns you questions:

(1) Could you give us a ball park estimate on how much it has taken your printer to complete each of the major parts? I’m assuming that a part like the base or the tray takes a considerable number of hours.

  • Well it all depends on the quality you want from your finished parts. I use CURA to generate the g-codes from the stl files and I just went for the “Fine (0.1mm)” default profile for my printer (AI3M) and these are some of the printing times I experienced:
    • AI3M_AirRouting_x3: 6 h
    • AI3M_Base: 3.5 days
    • AI3M_BaseBearingSupport: 8 h
    • AI3M_Drawer: 23 h
  • However from the assembly videos I noticed that my printed parts have a better quality than the ones shipped by Niryo one.

(2) What infill ratios have you been using? I believe that @wodcleaner mentioned in a post in the Troubleshooting section of the forums HERE that he had initially printed the Arm Bottom using 20% infill and that the part broke due to the pressure of the torsion spring. He apparently re-printed it using 40% infill. I’d be very interested to hear your experiences with issues regarding various parts as you assemble your robot.

  • I used 25%. I will be able to tell you more about this when I finish assembling and start using the robot.


Can you help me find the torsion spring?

That is the only missing part before I can start putting all the parts together. :)