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Here are the dimensions from the single Steel blade (erroneously spelled “Steal” in the assembly diagram) that came with my Gripper 1 tool in kit form:

67.9mm long
14.9mm wide
1.9mm thick (NOTE: The diagram states two pieces of “Steal”; my guess is that Niryo started using two 1mm thick pieces and switched to a single, thicker piece. Gripper 1 was redesigned for v2.0; the v1.0 Gripper 1 uses a Main Support which integrates the geometry of the “Steal” using 3D printed architecture.)

Holes for M3 screws are set approximately* 36mm apart; center for each hole is approximately* 16mm from each end.

These are the raw values as collected by using calipers. * I did not disassemble the tool to take these measurements, so I measured these values the best I could with the tool fully assembled.

Wishing you the best with your assembly and explorations with your robot!