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Ok, I think I’ve cracked it! From the Mechanical Spec, I compute that the neutral position (all joints set to zero) of the tool connector is:

x = 41.5 + 180 + 23.7 = 245.2 and
z = 103 + 80 + 210 + 30 – 5.5 = 417.5

When I command Niryo RVis simulation to set the neutral position and call niryo.get_arm_pose() I get this:

x: 0.237907495458
y: -4.02967428798e-06
z: 0.417474425233
roll: -6.90657038956e-05
pitch: 4.93150197529e-05
yaw: -1.60822293274e-05

which is off by about 7mm in x.

Checking in Rvis:
TF->hand_link-> Relative position, I see the x offset is set to 16.4mm in stead of 23.7mm. That account for the descrepency.

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