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Edouard Renard
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Thanks guys for the help!

I have checked again the values, but the values in URDF seem to be correct.

In the mechanical specifications, the distance between the joint 5 (axis 5) and the tool joint is 23.7mm, or 0.0237 m.

In URDF, you can find “distance_wrist_hand_x” at 0.0164, but also you have “distance_hand_tool” at 0.0073. The sum of the 2 is 0.0237.

In fact (software related only), the robot doesn’t have 6 joints, but 7. The 7th joint is a fixed joint just for defining the distance between the hand base and the tool base, and putting an easier-to-use orientation for the user.

I have just made some tests in simulation and with a real robot, and found correct results.

See here the result for Pose command (pos.x: 0.2, pos.y: 0.0, pos.z: 0.0, rot.x: 0.0, rot.y: 1.57, rot.z: 1.57) done from Niryo One Studio.

I get the exact same position with the real robot.

@wyojustin could you check again with those settings ? Also what command tool (Niryo One Studio, Python API, …) did you use so you get your result with the position issue ?