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Edouard Renard
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I guess your issue is coming from the belt or pulley from the axis 3.

What changed from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0 (Raspberry Pi image):

– Torque on axis 2 stays ON during all calibration (in case the torsion spring makes the arm lean forward)

– Speed on axis 3 during calibration is reduced a little bit, but the torque stays the same.

So, what happened here is (my guess): your axis 3 belt is not tensed enough, but just at the limit so that when the speed is increased a bit, the calibration will still be done. The axis 2 should not have a problem, I think it’s already correctly tensed.

Try to tense the belt of axis 3 or make sure timing pulley is correctly fixed. Let me know of the result!