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Some Joy!! (Copied from slack channel)
Ok, here is was my path from many failures to success:
1. Effed up N1 by emulating a joystick in python and hitting the “speed up” button. Also double speed restrictions (less restrictive). That sped things up, but the motors seemed to stall out. Changing everything back, did not fix motor stall problem.
2. Upgraded firmware to start all over. Now N1 would not calibrate as more tension is required on the stepper axes.
3. Tightened timing belts, cracked N1 tensioner. Fixed with 3D printed/glued part.
4. Tensioning belts did not fix calibration on new 2.1.0 sw. Rolled back to 2.0.0.
5. Stripped motor threads. Screws from either end of the motor were butting up against each other with the motor mount screw not having enough purchase. I backed off the screws on the back side to make room for the mounting screws. I didn’t have the right size screw, so I fixed with a screw AND nut. New system has plenty of bite.
6. Tightened the SNOT out of all timing belts. 2.0.0 works! Woot!
7. Tested 2.1.0. WORKS!!!!
One suggestion @Edouard Renard, make screw mount screws 2mm longer and through screws 4mm shorter (or thread opposite site and use same size screws on each side).

Spoke too soon. New 2.1.0 code has the same stalling problem as 2.0.0. Now I need to resolve the stalling problem as it has infected both versions of the code. I will start a new thread if I can’t find the solution.