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Thanks for the answer I had the same idea to accelerate the process so it might work, but if I can use all the great work you have done it would save me some time (if possible) so I have investigate a little and made few tests to understand the origin of this problem. It appears that this error sometimes prompts with just 1 or 2 movements instruction wich is quite annoying. I also made a test to see the limit for quick steps : the robot is going on a line of 10cm and I increase more and more the number of intermediate points (steps) the result is that niryo seems to easily be able to do at full speed quick steps (0.6mm) on these 10cm, just to make an extreme test: for 0.3mm steps niryo succeeds to do some but not the complete 10cm line.

I think the problem comes more from positions where MoveIt can’t resolve or take too much time to resolve and make a trajectory, this happens randomly even on easy trajectories/path (when we check the CPU usage while running the programm on the arm we clearly see a peak just before the error occurs).
Trying to reduce these errors I’m exploring some modifications for example in kinematics.yaml: “kinematics_solver_timeout: 0.05” instead of 0.005 seems the be a good way but I cant tell if it is really slighlty better.

I didnt find any problem of that kind on internet and I don’t know if people are experiencing this problem with their niryo.. maybe you are more aware and got some ways to solve/hide this error ?