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Edouard Renard
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This issue can happen due to several reasons, and sometimes can be quite tricky to debug.

Reasons can vary from mechanical to hardware to software.

First, keep in mind that all the software is running on Ubuntu 16.04, on a Raspberry Pi 3. Ubuntu is not a real time operating system, and the Raspberry Pi 3 is far from a very fast computer. Add to that the non-stability of many ROS packages (including Moveit! and ros_control). Sometimes, errors come from this fact only – not the Niryo One, and it’s quite hard to debug them.

I’ll list here the different errors and an explanation for each:

– “Unexpected error: No trajectory defined at current time. Please contact the package maintainer.”

This is a typical ros_control issue. Maybe adding a small delay between 2 commands can solve this, but not 100% sure.

– “Goal has been successfully canceled”

This is probably due to a mechanical issue, where some motors have a hard time following up with the given command.

– “Execution has been aborted” | “Controller failed during execution : Goal has been aborted” | “Can’t accept new action goals. Controller is not running.”

Seems to come also from ros_control. A small delay between 2 commands will reduce this kind of errors.

For improving the global quality, I’d suggest that you

– Make sure all hardware interfaces are correctly connected, and no wire is tensed too much

– Belts are correctly tensed, pulleys are correctly fixed, and magnets on NiryoStepper are also correctly fixed

– Add a small delay between 2 commands. The non-real time environment + sometimes buggy ROS packages + low computation power of the Rpi3B might be an issue here.

Hope this will help!