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To clarify, the robot arm is running a blockley sequence uploaded through NiroyOne Studio and triggered by pressing the button on top of the robot. The sequence consists of 21 move_pose which take about 44 seconds to accomplish. The sequence has an outer loop of 10 iterations and never completes all ten cycles without one of the above errors occurring and the robot arm stops.

I modified the sequence to be joint moves in order to eliminate inverse kinematic solution searches and added a delay between each move. The arm without gripper was able to complete the 10 iteration loop with 1 second delay between moves but not smaller delays. Adding gripper #3 (with no payload) caused the robot to be incapable of completing 10 iterations. Increasing delay between moves to two seconds (doubling the cycle time) was not enough to enable to the arm to complete 10 iterations.

It seems after each move there is some settling as the robot adjusts its final stopping point. Perhaps the code that decides the robot is finished a move {stopped moving} should have a smaller tolerance. Also this may be a matter of PID tuning for closer trajectory following.

[2019-03-28 08:58:30] Got a callback on a goalHandle that we’re not tracking. This is an internal SimpleActionClient/ActionClient bug. This could also be a GoalID collision

[2019-03-28 08:58:37] Goal has been successfully canceled

[2019-03-28 09:16:10] Unknown result, goal has been set as aborted