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I finally got the ethernet connection working. I am using
an old PC that does not have WiFi. I tried a dongle but it
didn’t work. One time it did manage to authenticate to
another network, but it failed to associate. I think the
signal must be too weak. I’ve had trouble with WiFi dongles

I used ssh to connect to Niryo One over WiFi with a little
pocket computer. It is ARM based so it will not run Niryo
Studio. I gave it these commands:

sudo ifconfig enxb827ebced4ae up
sudo route add device enxb827ebced4ae
sudo ifconfig enxb827ebced4ae

That worked. I do have the enx… interface listed in
/etc/network/interfaces but that does not help. I’m not too
good at networking. Each machine seems to use another way
of handling networking. Is there something I could do to
the Raspberry Pi so it would boot up with ifconfig and route
properly set up and would not have to log in with ssh?