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Looking at NiryoStepper code shows Initialize MCP2515 running at 16MHz with a baudrate of 1000kb/s
each stepper is transmitting 800 bits per second position data, 32 bits per second diagnostic data, and 12.8 bits per second firmware version.

hw_write_frequency; // 200 Hz (reset to 50 Hz by ROS param) sends for each motor:
synchronizeSteppers() 1600 bits/sec
sendPositionCommand() 3200 bits/sec
sendMicroStepsCommand() 1600 bits/sec
sendMaxEffortCommand() 1600 bits/sec

Total bus traffic 8844.8 bits/second per (3) stepper in NiryoOne V2 = 26.5344 Kbits (2.6% of bus bandwidth)
There should be no significant collisions on the CAN bus with this little amount of traffic.

If “CAN connection problem” is due to hardware errors from connectors perhaps lower the CAN bus speed to CAN_200KBPS
I also suggest reading and reporting MCP_CAN::errorCountRX() and MCP_CAN::errorCountTX()