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Edouard Renard
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Hey, yes and we’ve ordered a few boards to make some tests!

However, The Pi 4 will not be compatible with Niryo One in the very short term.

The GPIO header is the same, but as with each board the CPU changes, the OS image needs some modifications. The main (official) supported OS for Raspberry Pi is Raspbian, not Ubuntu (and we need Ubuntu for ROS). Usually we have to wait a few months before there is a Ubuntu community image made for new Raspberry Pi.

So one day we might switch to Rpi 4 in Niryo One, but first we have to have a stable Ubuntu image + test if everything is working correctly (ROS code, configuration for the robot, etc). We are still in the process of testing stuff on the 3B+, but we might skip this to directly support the Pi 4.

You’ll just have to wait a bit :)