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Edouard Renard
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Here’s a very quick description:

Controller_spawner: used to launch the controllers for ros_control (more info)
Joy_node: driver for Xbox controller, translate data from joystick to ROS topic (more info)
Move_group: Moveit fonctionalities (more info)
Move_group_commander_wrappers: also for Moveit
Niryo_one_commander: Niryo One custom node provided a high level interface to Moveit
Niryo_one_driver: Contains a hardware interface for ros_control, and a driver to talk to the motors
Niryo_one_rpi: All functionalities related to the Raspberry Pi itself
Niryo_one_tools: Control for the tools (grippers, vacuum pump, electromagnet)
Robot_state_publisher: publish the state of the robot to the /tf topic, needed for many nodes to work correctly (more info)
Rosapi: related to rosbridge
Rosbridge_websocket: used for the communication with Niryo One Studio, through websockets (more info)
Rosout: log node launched with roscore
Tf2_web_republisher: republish /tf with some special requirements for rosbridge
User_interface: Niryo One user interface layer – everything above motion planning, high level functionalities

On the Github README you can find more info about the different packages (for Niryo One custom nodes, the name of the package is usually the same). Click on each package to get a detailed view of the Niryo One nodes.