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Thanks for your attetion but your answer did not help me . Let me try to explain better.

This is my Niryo One Raspberry Pi 3 image v 1.1.0.

Which file shows me the dynamixel and can configuration for the version Niryo One Raspberry Pi 3 image v 1.1.0
dxl baudrate and dxl uart device name ? and can spi channel , spi baudrate and gpio can interrupt ?

For the newst version I have easyly found this information on the file, niryo_one_driver.yaml:
# Communication with motors

# Dynamixel bus
dxl_baudrate: 1000000
dxl_uart_device_name: “/dev/serial0”

# CAN bus
spi_channel: 0
spi_baudrate: 1000000
gpio_can_interrupt: 25