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Edouard Renard
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Which file shows me the dynamixel and can configuration for the version Niryo One Raspberry Pi 3 image v 1.1.0
dxl baudrate and dxl uart device name ? and can spi channel , spi baudrate and gpio can interrupt ?

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying I think I understand what you mean:

So, first of all, there is the hardware version (V1, before September 2018 and V2, after September 2018). Then there is the software version, starting at 1.0.0, now 2.1.0, and soon a new upgrade. Whether you have hardware V1 or V2 is the same, as software versions are handling both V1 and V2.

The config you’re looking for is in the niryo_one_driver.yaml file, from software version 1.1.0 until now. It hasn’t changed, so you already have found the correct values.

Note that using software v1.1.0 is not recommended, since then we have added lots of new functionalities and fixed many bugs. Please update to the newest version :)