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    Misleading is a better Word. Open source means all files from the first to the latest are archived. No where can anyone in the world find anything about buying the electrical parts to complete the Niryo One much less how to use the Ramps and Arduino which many of us have. There has to be someone who has all the info on the original Niryo. If I am correct, Then remove the open source title from your name. This is very mis-leading. I would imagine lots of people have wasted spools of plastic to print the shell of the Niryo just to find out that they have no access to the electronics and firmware to run it. What a waste of a decent Arm. Please remove the open source from the title. It makes the Open Source community look bad.
    Thanks Again

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    I apologize if our description of the robot wasn’t clear enough about the parts open-sourced.

    Except the electronics part that has to be bought, STL and the whole software code is open-source.
    (For the RAMPS, I’ll answer on your previous post.)

    The website is currently in modification but you can find the link of the electronics kit here if you still want to build the robot by yourself:

    Best regards,

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    “For other people who may be interested in buying specific parts, please contact this address:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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