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    I’ve 3d printed the parts for my Maker Kit Niryo One, in PLA.
    I’m using a Flashforge Creator Pro (yes, if you try hard enough you can make all the parts fit).
    The robot is designed to compensate for a lot of the 3d printing tolerances, but some supports are hard to remove (for example the ones under the cable holder in the drawer).
    I couldn’t believe the drawer in particular could be 3d printed, with those huge overhangs.
    I’ve asked for help from the Niryo team, which they provided very quickly, in the form of a gcode adapted to my printer, using their slicer and settings. The difference was amazing.
    I’ve since bought a licence of the same slicer (Simplify3D), and the improvement is notable. I’m now reprinting half of the Niryo parts so they work and look better.

    Long story short – I’d advise everyone to start by printing the drawer. If you run into trouble like I did, consider investing in a Simplify3D license or try another slicer.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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