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    I have built custom stepper controllers that work with half duplex UART using the same communication protocol as the Dynamixel’s (2.0). This way they can share the same bus. I want to replace Joints 1-3 with “Dynamixel’s” since the ROS stack should treat it the same and the stepper MCU’s interpret the commands the same. I’m stuck on figuring out the Baudrate you use for the Dynamixels and what pins on the RPi you are communicating to them with? I currently have my own version working with all six joints using the Dynamixel library and the UART pins on the Pi, pins 14 and 15 with pin 7 as the direction pin for my half duplex transceiver. Is there a Niryo One RPi pinout? I’m hoping to interface the Niryo One Studio with the robot. This is my senior capstone project and I only have three weeks till demo! Thanks for democratizing robots!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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