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    Im trying to control the Niryo arm using Rosbridge, i have successfully managed to subscribe to joint positions. Now i am trying to move the arm.
    I am using roslibpy, but am not sure how to make this work.
    Im not sure exactly what the format of the goal should be. I have set up my goal and action client as below. When i run it, i get the exception: ‘Exception: Goal failed to receive result’

    Is anyone able to help me understand how to formulate this correctly.

    move_goal=roslibpy.Message({‘cmd_type’: ‘MoveCommandType.POSE’,

    action_client = roslibpy.actionlib.ActionClient(self.ros,’niryo_one/commander/robot_action’,’niryo_one_msgs/RobotMoveAction’)

    goal = roslibpy.actionlib.Goal(action_client,move_goal)
    goal.on(‘feedback’, lambda f: print(‘result returned’))
    result = goal.wait(10)

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