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    I am trying to connect a distance sensor to the raspberry pi of the robot. It uses i2c. I have already followed a couple of tutuorials to setup i2c on a raspberry and I am very sure that I did it correctly. (I2C is enabled etc…) After I setup the software I connected SDA to IO2, SCL to IO3, Ground to Ground and 5v to 5v (the sensor uses 5V). Still it does not recognise my device when I scan for devices. Just a blank grid. Any ideas are very welcome, I need this to work for my Bachelor thesis.

    This is the sensor:

    Also I measured a constant current source of 5V from IO2 and IO3. Is this normal? I heard that the raspberry only pulls those pins up to 3.3V for SCL and SDA but I may be wrong.

    Thank you in advance :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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