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    I purchased a Dynamixel Shield ( and would like to get it working with the 2x XL430-W250 and various XL320 (also for the tools) for the Niryo One. The shield does work with Arduino and does have serial connections SW UART RX and SW UART TX which should be able to provide the Raspberry Pi 3 and Niryo One image on it with the the proper information via a UART connection (level converter in between).
    Does anybody have experience with this approach and have worked/figured out also a proper arduino library in order to get in working with Niryo One. First test did NOT have success so far in using the examples from the DYNAMIXEL Shield library trying to read write on the UART pins 7 and 8.
    If it works then even 2 shields could be used for the different voltage levels of XL430-W250 (11,1 Volt) and XL320 (7,4 Volt).

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    Dear @jchristi ,

    Take a loo if this can help you:

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    Hello @jchristi,
    Have you managed to operate the dynamixel shield board for the servo motors for the Niryo One robot? If this is the case can you tell me what you have done to solve the problem, because I have exactly the same
    Thank you
    Regards WilliamH

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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