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    I’m Trying to build a new Niryo one robot from scratch. I have Five NEMA – 17 stepper motors. I just want to know , If the encoders attached with the NEMA 17 is really essential or not.

    Can  we build niryo one with complete functionality without using Encoders?

    If Encoder is essential, what is the use of it ? What does it do?

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    Edouard Renard
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    The encoder is used to give back the position to the Raspberry Pi. Without this position feedback, the program on the RPi can’t work.

    If your goal is to make a 100% custom robot with a custom software, then you can skip the encoder but your stepper motors will be open loop controlled.

    Also, the encoder is now AS5600, not AS5048B. We have changed it to get an internal digital processing and filtering, so the value we read is stable (we don’t need additional DSP or stuff like that).

    You can get a Maker kit with all the Niryo-custom parts here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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