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  • brunohorta
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    Hello everyone :), A couple of days I started my adventure to built this awesome machine, thanks for the creators to share a very nice project.

    I documented all steps and now I am stuck to find some missing parts
    Torsion spring
    Half Thurst Bearing 90×120 mm
    Coupling Shaft Red Motor
    Coupling Shaft Green Motor 1
    Coupling Shaft Blue Motor 1

    all help is nice :)

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    My issues also. There is a link in the product page that sells the kit of electronics alone. $$$$$ lots of $$$$$. The original Niryo that was on Kickstarter had all the items that any of us could outsource. Ramps 1.4, Raspberry pi, Stepper motors with Closed loop boards separate. Simple servos and so on. Now they went to something that uses their own electronics board and Deleted all the old files, “so they say” just to buy their product.
    Hope you find something that you are looking for. I scraped this project and went to something that we all can source. I dont want to post the arm here but it looks like the real thing and simple to source parts.

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    Those parts are specially customized for the Niryo One so from what I know, it’s not possible to find them on online seller.
    A process of selling individual parts at details is in creation, it will be soon available (within 10 days) to buy only the parts people really needs and not the whole “Maker kit”.
    It will only be available by email at first (will be later added to website), so I gave your gmail address (Bruno) to the people in charge of this, he will contacts you with the details on how to operate if you’re interested in buying those parts individually.
    I hope it may help you.

    Best regards,

    PS: For other people who may be interested in buying specific parts, please contact this address:

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    Is this a truly open development project or a means of selling kit components? The outlook so far seems to be disappointing.

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    Hi Adrian,

    Of course it’s an open source project, but it’s true that Niryo is also a company and therefore a structure that has to make money by making margins to pay salaries, etc…
    We try to do our best to provide one of the best 6 axis robot arm to learn and test automation with Industry 4.0 tools. While remaining accessible, easy to use, powerful and leaving the product open source so that the community can get and interact with it.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you and indicating what you would like us to provide more to meet your expectations?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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