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  • duck
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    Thank you for your efficient support, Niryo Team.

    I’d like to bring up an issue that I’ve experienced regarding calibration and ask for suggestions to avoid problems in future instances.

    On multiple occasions after performing an automatic calibration using Niryo One Studio, I find that the robot does not acknowledge that it is calibrated. After the fans shut off from completing automatic calibration, the CALIBRATION NEEDED button in the right pane of Niryo One Studio starts flashing orange once again.

    Usually a second automatic calibration is sufficient to start using the robot, but on a few occasions it has not been.

    I had a bit of a scare on Sunday morning when I was preparing to take a video of the demo that I posted yesterday. The robot would not successfully calibrate. It would go through the motions of automatic calibration as usual, seemed to sit for a longer period afterward with the fans running before it would release itself after calibration only to demand calibration again immediately. I tried calibrating about ten times. I tried resolving the situation by shutting the machine down and also performing calibration by placing the arm in “home” position and pressing the “Set offset by hand” button a couple of times.

    I ended up powering down, disconnecting the power and walking away for a few hours. When I returned to try again later I was able to get the robot working again after two automatic calibrations.

    As an additional point of information, I checked the Application Logs on Sunday morning and did not see any errors regarding the calibration. When I attempted to run a sequence, the arm would not move but the vacuum pump tool would activate. In this case, I saw an error in the Application Logs.

    I would appreciate any recommendations that you might have about handling situations like this if they occur in the future. Sunday morning was a frightening because I have a live demo coming up shortly.

    Edouard Renard
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    I think that the issue you have here may be related to your other issue from this post, about canceled command.

    Could you share a video of the entire calibration process, when it fails if possible ? (you can add a link to a shared Google Drive folder for example)

    The first 2 things that come to my mind are :
    – this can be a connection problem with either the Dynamixel bus or Stepper bus (quick deco and reco)
    – this can be a mechanical problem, due to a belt which is not tensed enough, for example

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    Thank you for your response and further suggestions.

    My Niryo One is now caught in an infinite loop trying to recalibrate. It it unable to successfully calibrate itself using either the automatic process or through the manual “Set offset by hand” process using Niryo One Studio.

    This video shows what happens after I power up and press the button on top of the base to initiate calibration.

    As you can see in the video, the robot sits for a while after attempting calibration (the period it sits inactive with the fans running after each calibration attempt seems a bit longer than after a successful calibration). The robot attempts calibration again repeatedly.

    In the video above, I press the button on the base again for several seconds until the light on the back of the base turns purple, then I wait until the red on the back switches to red (I was able to confirm that it switched to red).

    Would you please offer some advice about diagnosing why this is happening and correcting the problem. At this point, I am unable to make further demos of the robot.

    The behavior is the same using Niryo One Studio to initiate the calibration. There are no errors shown in the Application Logs pane (just a cRaspberry Pi Temperature currently shows as 55 degrees C; there are no other messages of consequence either in the Application Logs or Hardware Status panes when attempting calibration from Niryo One Studio instead of using the button on top of the base.

    Here is a screen shot of the Application Logs pane after attempting to calibrate the robot both using the button on top of the base and separately after a power down and power up using Niryo One Studio:

    I would very much appreciate your assistance.

    Edouard Renard
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    We’ve just replied to you on your email address. When the problem is solved, I will post here a recap so other people can benefit from this experience :)

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    Hello Niryo community,

    Forgive my much belated post on this thread to report that I was able to get my robot working once again and to try to provide a synopsis of what was wrong and what needed to be fixed.

    I hope that Edouard or someone else at Niryo will also add further comments if I have missed anything or my understanding is incorrect.

    Marc and Edouard took a look at the video that I posted earlier in this thread and quickly determined that the problem was related to Axis 3. To quote from Edouard’s email on July 4: “30 s : the calibration of axis 3 starts at 0:29 and is stopped at 0:59, which means timeout).”

    I took apart the Arm Top and the gear train associated with Axis 3 by following the YouTube videos associated with the Assembly Manual. Essentially the fix was to re-tension the belt.

    Edouard and the team in France were very helpful in giving me hints and ideas how to overcome the obstacles that I encountered. The fix for my robot involved a bit more work because I have one of the early robots that was assembled by the team in France in before April, so there were some production issues that Edouard told me they have since resolved in the robots that they have started shipping in August.

    For reference to some of these issues, please refer to the separate post that I made in this section of the forum titled “plastic shavings under shoulder and motor for joint 2”.

    It appears that the tension on the belts for both Axis 2 and Axis 3 were disturbed during shipment, so I would recommend that those of you who have received assembled robots (or anyone who reships the robot or takes it for a short car ride somewhere) be sure to check the tension of these belts and review the YouTube videos related to the Assembly Manual if you experience any periodic issues related to calibration.

    Good luck with your robotic adventures and I look forward to seeing what the rest of you create using the Niryo One.

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    Edouard Renard
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    Thanks for posting this recap and providing useful information about your problem resolution.

    To follow up on that, here are a few new tutorials that can help Niryo users who have some calibration issues.

    Mostly a calibration problem is due to (and you should check that in the order, following the tutorials with the link above):
    – A belt not tensed enough
    – A timing pulley not correctly fixed
    – A magnet not correctly fixed on a NiryoStepper motor
    – A broken wire

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