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    I’ve experienced some instances when the robot stops unexpectedly in the middle of a sequence for no apparent reason and would like to better understand what might be going on.

    Here’s a screenshot of a part of the sequence from my demo that I posted yesterday as an example of such an instance. A red error popup was shown containing the message “[ ERROR ] [2018-03-16 07:03:59] Sequence Command – Error when processing goal : Command has been successfully stopped”. This message also appears in the Application Logs.

    The robot has been able perform this entire sequence without modification before and after this instance, so it isn’t immediately obvious why it wasn’t able to complete it in this instance.

    I would appreciate any insights about what might be the cause of such instances or ideas about how to avoid or reduce them. Thank you!

    Edouard Renard
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    I don’t really know exactly what could cause this issue, however a few hints :
    – maybe the Dynamixel bus has some communication problems (quick deco and reco). In this case you should see the LED of some of the Dynamixel blink red one time and then come back to blue or green. If you have this issue, then the learning mode is activated when the Dxl are reconnected, and it also asks the command to stop.
    – maybe the top button is not correctly plugged or soldered, and it might be trigger sometimes, which can causes the current command to stop.

    You can first check with those points.

    We will also soon publish a tutorial on the “Docs” section of this website, to debug the Niryo One by directly connecting to the Raspberry Pi, and see all the detailed logs.

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    Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful reply to my post.

    This issue was on the back burner for me since I was repairing Axis 2 and Axis 3 as documented in my separate posts (“Niryo One calibration issues” and “plastic shavings under shoulder and motor for joint 2”) in this section of the forums.

    It appears that I am still periodically running into this issue. I will endeavor to diagnose in more detail about the exact circumstances when the robot is unable to perform a particular movement.

    I have reviewed the new debugging recommendations that you have posted in the Docs section of the website and started tinkering around with the advice in “Debug Niryo One motors one by one” and I will take a closer look at that. I will probably have some questions and I will either post them in this thread or start a new one as appropriate.

    Edouard Renard
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    Debugging motors one by one might help you find if one particular motor is faulty, that’s a good start.

    We’ve recently added a few more docs about debugging, reading them might also help you find the problem.

    And finally, if you want to get the full logs (with that you’ll know for sure what is the problem, or you can send it to us and we’ll tell who what the logs really mean) :
    – connect to the Raspberry Pi via ssh (tutorial here)
    sudo systemctl stop niryo_one_ros.service to stop the current ROS stack
    roslaunch niryo_one_bringup rpi_setup.launch to start the ROS stack, but in the current terminal, not in background, so you can see and print all the logs. When you spot a command problem, you can copy and paste the logs that have just been printed.

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    I’m currently having the same or a very similar issue with the Niryo one with the vacuum pump attached. The Robots runs the sequence over and over again, then randomly stops at some point. I can’t find a pattern in these Sequence abortions but the ROS-Log tells me that at this point the Robot has a “CAN connection problem with motor 2”. Here is the excerpt from the ROS-Log:

    [2019-03-09 13:54:41] Arm commander – Got a goal id : /move_group-83-1552136081.548645893
    [2019-03-09 13:54:42] CAN connection problem with motor 2, hw fail counter : 0
    [2019-03-09 13:54:42] CAN connection problem with motor 2, hw fail counter : 0
    [2019-03-09 13:54:43] CAN connection problem with motor 2, hw fail counter : 0
    [2019-03-09 13:54:43] CAN connection problem with motor 2, hw fail counter : 1
    [2019-03-09 13:54:44] CAN connection problem with motor 2, hw fail counter : 2
    [2019-03-09 13:54:44] CAN connection problem with motor 2, hw fail counter : 3
    [2019-03-09 13:54:44] DXL : Start hardware control loop
    [2019-03-09 13:54:44] Stop Can hw control
    [2019-03-09 13:54:44] CanComm : Stop hardware control loop
    [2019-03-09 13:54:44] Received trajectory RESULT
    [2019-03-09 13:54:44] Arm commander – Result : 4
    [2019-03-09 13:54:44] Controller failed during execution : Goal has been aborted

    Niryo one and every Motor should have the newest Firmware Version.
    what can I do to fix or avoid this problem?

    Also if I take a look at the Hardware Status Panel in Niryo One Studio, the Vacuum pump has the Error Code 1. The strange thing about that is, that every tool has this Error code (Vacuum pump, Gripper 2 and Gripper 1, Gripper 1 broke).
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    This behavior has been observed in both V1 & V2 arms with each version of the servo & Pi software.
    A series of collisions on the bus for the stepper motors triggers a controller reset (even if the arm is not moving).
    See related thread:

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