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    Joint 4 Elbow rotate is over-heating and shutting down on V2.  There is no remote reset, robot must be turned off and back on to clear the flag and resume operation.

    #1 Providing DXL reset would allow errors to be cleared: protocol2_packet_handler.cpp int Protocol2PacketHandler::reboot(PortHandler *port, uint8_t id, uint8_t *error)

    #2 Giving access to  servo temperature in Niryo_one Studio through a parameter block would allow joints to be monitored and robot moved to safe position for cool-down cycle before over-heat limit.

    #3 Expose PWM-Limit as torque control for XL430 (through setMaxTorque() setGoalTorque(), synchWriteGoalTorque())


    Edouard Renard
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    Thanks for pointing this issue. We have experienced the same thing and have come up with a solution.

    The actual problem is that the Dynamixel XL-430 need a 11.1V supply. We are using a 12V power adapter here, and this is what causes the overheating in the motor.

    We have tried with just 11.1V and everything is fine: the motor can work indefinitely without overheating, even with some added payload.

    (we have also tried your point #3, but this is not what makes the overheating. It really only comes from the too high power supply)

    So, the solution :

    Use a 11.1V power adapter. You can get on on the Internet, and for new orders we’ll change the power adapter that we ship with the robot. 🙂

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    Have you already started shipping new orders with the 11.1V power supplies? My Niryo One kit just arrived last week. I guess I will unpack it and check the power supply tonight.


    Edouard Renard
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    We have ordered new power supplies that we’ll ship with the next robot batches. If you’ve already received your robot you get the 12V power supply.

    Note that the robot will work fine and the overheating on the motors will happen after you run it for about 1h (also there is an internal protection so the motor will not be damaged, instead it will just reboot)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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