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    Hello , I have a problem to print the “new” Elbow.

    Can someone take a  picture of how he advised orientating and place support for the new Elbow Part.

    A Picture of the old part is OK too.

    My Printed part , don’t look very nice cause you see where the support was…



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    I imported elbow.stl into freecad to rotate the elbow y axis by 180 degrees so the that flat of the large pulley was flat on bed. I then exported to a new file that I called elbowRotated.stl The pulley is the large circular disc with teeth if that helps. You should be able to use any cad package. In that orientation, it minimises the number of tree supports to mostly internal support.

    I am using a flashforge 3d printer, the software for that usefully then makes sure the widget is centred on printing bed as well as sitting on printing bed.

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    Dear @wodcleaner,

    I undestand when you say that the final wokr does not look very nice cause you see where the support was.

    What I have done is try to analize the stl file on slicer, and find where the support will not ” demage the beauty” hahahah.

    Or most of time my choice is support for 85degree only – or when is possible with no support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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