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    My order moved quickly from Roissy to Memphis, Tennessee, but failed to clear customs. They wanted a fuller description of the contents of the kits listed on the invoice, what was the main item, what it was made of, how it will be used, country of origin of all items. The gripper included with Niryo One was listed as free of charge. I was told you cannot import free items, a price was needed. A rather long phone call from a nice woman at FedEx seemed to satisfy her concerns. I am wondering if this was just a picky customs inspector, or is part of Mr. Trump’s budding trade war, and hoping that my package clears customs now.

    Edouard Renard
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    Hi Dave,

    I’m sorry that you had trouble with the customs. From our experience, controls like that are quite random. You were really not lucky on this one.

    From now on, we’ll remove the word “free” for the line “Niryo One + free Gripper1”, on the invoices that we send with the packages. Thank you very much for sharing this info, I guess this will save time and energy for some of our next customers.

    If you still can’t get your package, please contact our customer support service, and we’ll help you go through this!

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    I ran into this same problem a couple of weeks back now (March 17, 2019). Customs held it by 2-3 extra days.

    I wanted to share this for those who may experience this issue at customs. A quick message to Niryo Support and it was taken care of.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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