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    Thank you for your support to get me this far along in my robot adventures.

    I have some questions about best practices for attachment of the vacuum pump tool based on my experiences from creating the demo that I posted in the “Showcase…” section of the forums yesterday.

    I have been placing the VP_MainSupport assembly on it’s end, servo motor on the bottom, beside the Niryo One (please refer to my video). Both the cable and the flexible tubing are relatively short (12cm and 65cm respectively).

    I might like to have a little bit more maneuverability of the arm while using the vacuum tool. Sometimes when I am performing automatic calibration with the tool attached, the VP_MainSupport assembly falls over. I’ve also noticed some issues with the flexible tube becoming entangled with objects or looped around itself or the robot arm.

    I was thinking about either extending the cable or the flexible tube and threading them around the joints or the arm securing the cable, tube and syringe housing to the arm loosely with tape or straps.

    Here are my questions for the Niryo team and any others on these forums who might have some experiences or ideas:

    (1) Would it be feasible to strap the VP_MainSupport assembly to the aluminum tube between joints 4 and 5 for more maneuverability of the arm with the vacuum tool attached? Of course, there might be a concern about the additional weight of VP_MainSupport assembly if the arm is also carrying small objects picked up by the tool, but the suction properties of the tool won’t allow it to carry objects over about 50g. I measured the weight of the complete vacuum pump tool (including the flexible tool and suction cup assembly) as 140g with the “VP_hood” cover and 113g without. My understanding is that the maximum load on the arm is 500g, so I’m thinking it might be acceptable to strap the VP_MainSupport assembly to the aluminum tube. Any thoughts?

    (2) Would it be better to try a longer flexible tube? My concern here is that, given that the syringe is only of 10CC capacity, the vacuum pressure might be too weak if I extend the tube further.

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