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  • wyojustin
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    I’ve isloated my problem down to motor 6 (wrist rotate servo). I get an error when I try to move it. Niryo One Studio says “Move RObot Joints: Trajectory timeout – Try to restart robot”

    Motor does not report any obvious problems and has a lit GREEN led.

    Angle is reported to NiryoOneStudio correctly.

    Motor status “error code” 1 is noted in NiryoOneStudio. When loosening the tiny allen screw, the motor came alive breifly, then died again.

    Any suggestions?

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    Edouard Renard
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    It seems that your Dxl-320 motor for axis 6 may be damaged. We’ll contact you to fix that!

    giorgio colomberotto
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    Hi, I try to run for the first time my robot. All motors are running correctly except n° 5 (dynamixel XL 430). At power up it seeems ok, the motor LED is off and HARDWARE STATUS says: Servo Axis 5, Volt 11.3, 38 °C, Error Code 0.
    The feedback position in main windows is correctly updated (if I try to move the axis manually).
    When I send a new position (any value):
    a) the motor led starts to blink (red)
    b) the error code is 16
    c) studio log: [ ERROR ] [2020-09-05 09:42:53] Move Robot Joints – Command has been aborted due to a collision or a motor not able to follow the given trajectory
    d) robot log:
    [2020-07-07 09:49:53] DXL : Start hardware control loop
    [2020-07-07 09:55:40] Robot Action Server – Received goal. Check if exists
    [2020-07-07 09:55:40] Robot Action Server – Checking parameters Validity
    [2020-07-07 09:55:40] Robot Action Server – Goal has been accepted
    [2020-07-07 09:55:40] Robot Action Server : Executing command in a new thread
    [2020-07-07 09:55:40] Received trajectory GOAL
    [2020-07-07 09:55:40] Send Moveit trajectory to controller.
    [2020-07-07 09:55:40] Arm commander – Got a goal id : /move_group-3-1594108540.594048954
    [2020-07-07 09:55:42] Received trajectory RESULT
    [2020-07-07 09:55:42] Arm commander – Result : 4
    [2020-07-07 09:55:42] Controller failed during execution : Goal has been aborted. This is due to either a collision, or a motor unable to follow a given command (overload, extreme positions, …)
    I try to disconnect all mechanical loads and now the motor is free to run but nothing changes
    Thanks, Giorgio

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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