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    Hi Everyone,

    We have just released a new upgrade for Niryo One Studio and the Niryo One Raspberry Pi 3B image.

    You can download the new version directly from our download page (note: the Niryo Stepper firmware has not been changed, and is compatible with new version)

    To update your robot, follow this tutorial (Niryo One Studio) and this one (Rpi image). You will have to update both or else it won’t work as expected.

    What’s new:

    • Add: Debug motor feature directly on Niryo One Studio. One of the most common problem we noticed from experience is a motor connection problem. If you happen to have this kind of problem, you can now easily debug the robot by enabling/disabling motors. Follow this tutorial to check out how to do that.
    • Add: ROS logs in Niryo One Studio. This can be useful if you have to contact our technical support.
    • Add: You can reboot the robot (instead of shutting it down) from Niryo One Studio
    • Add: You can give a custom name to the robot. It will appear when connected to it, and also will be used for the Hotspot name
    • Add: [developer] C++ executable to setup and debug Dynamixel motors (ID, baudrate, etc)
    • Add: [developer] Python script to send custom values to custom registers for Dynamixel motors, at runtime
    • Add: [developer] New functions in Python API to get some useful data about the robot state
    • Change: More clarity when importing/exporting a sequence from Blockly
    • Change: “Add block” feature doesn’t add all new blocks on top of each other
    • Change: Axis 2 torque stays ON during all the calibration phase. Avoid damaging the robot hand if torsion spring is a little bit strong. Also increased calibration timeout from 30s to 40s
    • Fix: you can now resize + move the window, and use the copy/paste functionality on MacOS


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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