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    Hi Everyone,

    We’ve just release a new software version: v2.2.0 !

    You can download this version here (Niryo One Studio and Raspberry Pi 3B image).

    Follow those tutorials to upgrade your robot.

    Also, we don’t support software versions lower than 2.0.0 anymore. If you don’t have at least the minimum software version, please upgrade your robot.

    Quick summary of new and improved stuff with 2.2.0:

    • Top button: When your Niryo One Studio is opened on the “Niryo Blocks” panel, pressing the top button on the robot will add a new block into the workspace.
    • Joystick: press on button A to add a block in the “Niryo Blocks” workspace
    • Joystick: press on buttons X/B to open/close attached gripper and vacuum pump
    • Motors: Dynamixel motors now reboot when the robot reboots, so any error flag on the motor can be reset.
    • Modbus: fix open/close gripper speed, now working as expected
    • Camera: New driver for the JeVois camera, with a ROS interface for developers.
    • Trajectories: fix issue when trajectory unexpectedly stops due to a software issue
    • Arm speed: increase acceleration and speed a little for some axis.
    • TCP: New TCP server so you can control Niryo One remotely, using any language you want, and basic TCP functionalities!
    • Niryo One Studio: Add a stop button available on all panel, so it’s easy to stop a robot movement.
    • Niryo One Studio: Add translation. Languages are now English (default) and French. It’s possible for you to create your own translation.
    • Niryo One Studio: fix robot pose computation. The value displayed on Niryo One Studio was wrong
    • Niryo Block: Add “break point” block to stop a program and wait for you to click on “play” again to continue.
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